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we are digital rocks
we build serious games

We live in a world of continuous change. Complex issues with a serious impact on your organization. "Shift happens". You háve to accept, to anticipate and to mobilize everyone in your organization.

How do you get your people on board? What good is a brilliant strategy without commitment from your team? Digital Rocks provides that commitment. Engaging people and inspiring them in a fun and effective way.

We build Serious Games. It's our passion.


change the game ... by playing the game

we build serious games

Serious Games in which you are involved. Experiences. Understanding.

Serious Games that you can play anywhere, alone or with each other. The mix of a serious subject, packed in strong didactics with an attractive layer of fun! As team building. As introduction to an important topic. As means to an explanation of your strategy.

A Serious Game; something different from the umpteenth video call, a Powerpoint presentation or an encouraging instruction such as "just read this book"!


The gamechangers
THAT we offer


To be honest, I am not so much into games. However, through these serious games you learn to imagine the future in a different way.
Hermann Jaeger, vm Directeur Stadsontwikkeling Gemeente Rotterdam
This really intrigues me and I want my people to join me in engaging on these serious games.
Hermann Jaeger, vm Directeur Stadsontwikkeling Gemeente Rotterdam
Digital Rocks helped us to demystify our complex business context and to learn in a playful way.
Jonas Törnquist, COO Epex Spot
By applying Serious Gaming of Digital Rocks we managed to inspire and engage our teams to innovate and contribute to our strategy right from the start.
Jonas Törnquist, COO Epex Spot

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