gamified e-learning to become
a top advisor

The problem

The consultant of tomorrow must bring more than knowledge and expertise. Radical technological and social developments have a major impact on the role and added value of the consultant. He / she must become a 'Master Advisor'. How can you achieve that in an effective and fun way?


England, late 6th century. The legendary British King Arthur invites you, in Virtual Reality, to his castle. There is a spot available at his Round Table. How do you get to the table? And how do you keep moving up a spot to end up sitting next to King Arthur? As his most trusted Master Advisor. You will study the book 'Meesteradviseur' by Rob Bertels and Gerlof Schutte. During the game the unique ideas are served in bite-sized chunks along with some fun.

Gamified E-learning in optimal format! 


The people

Anyone who is involved in any way in advising should take the Meesteradviseur book. Consultant, manager, IT advisor, lawyer, coach, counsellor… anyone who provides guidance or advice. And realises that more is needed than just "knowledge and skills". The professional who wants to work on himself effectively. In a pleasant way that goes beyond just reading a book.

The timing

We live in an ever-expanding knowledgeable economy, with freely accessible knowledge. What distinguishes you as an adviser or manager? High time to think about your added value. How do you become a Master Adviser? What should you especially work on, on yourself?

serious book, serious fun!

THE result

The E-learning guides you smoothly through the book Meesteradviseur. A masterpiece. The e-learning contains sturdy stuff, laced with pieces of "serious fun"! Puzzles, tweets, videos, multiple choice questions, self assessments ... we pull out all the stops to capture the essentials for you. Upon completion, you will be crowned Master Adviser by King Arthur and will be given access to the mighty Excalibur sword. Ready to enter the new world… as a Master Adviser, that is. 

wanna play?