virtual exploration of work life
after corona

The problem

Corona 2020/2021. People work at home. Digital meetings. Disassociation from the office. There is a good chance of another invisible virus: "disconnection". How do we get everyone connected again? Slowly back to the workplace. How can we have employees reconnecting with our company in a fun way?


Return Day is a Virtual Reality walk through of the city on the way to the office. Various puzzles and questions pass along the way. The walk ends in the office where a look is taken at 'the new way of working'. During the game, management (through videos, puzzles, etc.) provide important information. And vice versa: the employee is asked for his / her opinion via a gamified survey. Available online, 24/7.


Back to the office in
virtual reality

The people

Suitable for all layers of the organisation. Anyone who wants to sniff around the office again. Anyone who is curious about the latest message from the boss. And likes to share an opinion, for example in response to the question: “what should be our first priority after Corona?”.

The timing

Do your people work from home? Would you like to convey your information in a divergent way than the umpteenth powerpoint or Teams meeting? Would you like to get the opinions of your staff, in a fun gamified way? If you want to give your people, who are working from home from their attic room or kitchen table, a touch of office feeling, then Return Day is a great refreshing game that offers you the possibility.

return to work in virtual reality

THE result

A welcoming experience. A walking tour of the city in VR. Here and there a presentation or video from the boss. Funny assignments and riddles. The possibility to contribute ideas. Opinions collected (privacy guaranteed) and analysis worked on.


wanna play?