strategic boardgame to discover maritime disruption

The problem

Digital Transformation is changing the way the maritime industry operates and innovates on a large scale. Blockchain and other technologies are disrupting the supply chain. Shipping operations are undergoing major changes. IoT supported route and resource planning, sensor-driven-predictive maintenance, up to and including unmanned ships. And so on. How will your maritime-related company position itself in this transformation fight?


Shaping New Horizons is a strategic board game about digital transformation. Fully tailored to the Maritime industry. Discover the 35 "drivers of transformation", for example smart ports, vicinity, swarm technology, blockchain, IoT predictive maintenance. Which ones will affect your company? Where, how and when? Puzzles, videos, tweets flying in. What’s happening here? What do we as a company need to tackle "tomorrow". How do we shape our new horizon?

maritime entering
the next wave of disruption

The people

An educational team building game with important content. Management, board members, innovation teams, strategic departments. Anyone who is concerned with the future of Maritime. But also just as well suited for all employees. After all, it's also their future. Physical board game in a room with 8 to 12 players per game. Super educational with no entry level requirements.

The timing

Prior to a strategic orientation. Or just afterwards to take your employees towards the new direction. Or just as a nice start to a new project or a team outing. Take a look into the future together in a fun way.

let's hit the waves

THE result

Connected in half day. Conceptual framework. Shared sense of purpose. And a first picture of the new strategic direction. The strategy radar screen in the wheelhouse shows the urgency.

The existential question is on the table: are we ready for the Next Wave?

wanna play?