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Are you a company engaged in consultancy, coaching, or training for end clients? There is a strong likelihood that you are actively involved in projects, programs, and/or training modules. And naturally, each of these inherently has a beginning, a kickoff.

YOUR kickoff

What does your kickoff look like? A well-intentioned video meeting? A stack of PowerPoint slides? Or the inspiring directive, "just read this book first!"? Undoubtedly, there's nothing inherently wrong with these approaches, but the question is: What is the effectiveness of your kickoff? Are your people genuinely engaged and enthusiastic afterward?

Engage people in an immersive experience

Imagine taking your team on a journey of an 'experience'? So they truly grasp your message and even 'feel' it! As a wise man from America once said (300 years ago):

Involving, engaging, and inspiring people! And this is where our Serious Games come into play. Unique formats in which 'engagement', 'experience' and 'fun' take center stage.

So? Wanna join our party?

kick off

serious games

A spectacular start

In addition to a series of 'physical' games, we have, partly due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, ventured into the realm of 'online' games. You can employ our online games as a form of 'entertainment' to enhance your proposition. In other words, as an unforgettable kickstart, a catalyst for your project, program, or educational module.

Some examples from our game portfolio:

An online murder mystery game centered around the theme of Data-Driven Work and simultaneously emphasizing 'collaboration.' For more information, please visit our serious game The Bridge.

An online 'escape room' that revolves around Future Work Skills while emphasizing the importance of 'collaboration'! Visit our serious game Escape To The Future for more information.

An online gamified role-playing game designed to enhance understanding of each other's fields of expertise and perspectives. Visit our serious game Caleidoscoop for more information.

An online introductory game designed to explore challenging subjects, strategies, projects, or disciplines. For more information, please visit our serious game ReachOut!.

An online gamified 'survey' to playfully present a set of questions to your target audience. Visit our serious game Time Machine for more information.

Provide your target audience with an extraordinary gaming experience! Subsequently, you can seamlessly transition to your project or training module. Online games offer ultimate freedom in terms of time and location, not to mention their vast reach and scalability. Moreover, even though they are online, you can still play them together in a single space if you wish.

Customised game

And now, the exciting part! If you're interested, we can offer our online games as 'white label' products – you can add your own logo, intro, or videos! This way, it becomes your unique game, 'powered by Digital Rocks.' It's pretty simple: you buy game licenses from us at wholesale prices and offer them to your customers, or integrate them into your own broader offering.

Self Service

As a Digital Rocks partner, you'll have exclusive access to the Digital Rocks Game Platform. This is where you can activate your own licenses, keep track of usage, and check out reports on your clients' game results. It's great because it allows you to work independently.

As soon as you commence game facilitation, our platform offers various supportive tools, including a game handbook. Furthermore, we provide a Train-The-Trainer course for game facilitators and remain available during your initial live game sessions to offer you additional support.

Summarized as follows

your own kick-ass kick-off!

For example: The Bridge, about 'data' and 'collaboration'.


OUR SERIOUS PARTNER: VKA (verdonck klooster & associates)

At VKA, we enjoy collaborating with Digital Rocks. We integrate some of their fantastic online games into our proposition for our clients.

seriously interested?

join the club!

Would you like to have your own innovative game? Become a partner of Digital Rocks and get started with one of our online games.

Of course, you can also decide to create an online serious game all by yourself. But, just so you know, it's no piece of cake ;-). Be prepared for at least €100,000 in development costs, more than 6 months of development time, and quite a bit of hassle.

Here's the good news: we have the smart, fast, and affordable solution for you.

Over the past years, we've developed various game formats that have proven to be successful with our clients and... can be customized to your preferences. In just a few weeks, you can launch your very own online game. Pretty cool, right?! 

Check out our portfolio for an overview of our current collection of online games.


Do you want to give your project, program, or training a fresh innovative boost?

Let's dive deeper into this; discussing how we can enrich your proposition with our customized serious games.

Email our CEO Jeroen de Groot at or give him a direct call at +31 6 55 81 5252.