physical escape room to unlock
your future work skills

The problem

What will the work look like for employees in five years? Increasing digitisation, robotisation, Artificial Intelligence. Which skills will play a greater role? The topic of "Future Work Skills" is on the agenda in many companies and governments. How do you get the employees, especially the group in question, connected to this particular topic? And connected to their own future?


Escape To The Future is a physical escape room set up in your location. Montgommery Scott (from “beam me up Scotty”) has been teleported to the future. With his own Future Work Skills in a suitcase. Find out through which teleportation station he left and which skills he brought with him. The team has an hour to be teleported (in Virtual Reality) to the future.

escape room to discover...
your own future

The people

Suitable for all layers in an organisation. For management, as an introduction to the Future Work Skills. But, certainly also for the employees themselves. A powerful start to let people discover their future skills for themselves.

The timing

Thinking about the future of skills? Do you want to wake up your workforce in a fun way? Is the theme "Future Work Skills"? Then the Escape To The Future escape room is an unforgettable experience. You plant the seed of new skills in the heads of the employee themselves. After all, it’s his or her own future.

time to escape!

THE result

The escape room contains 8 current and 8 future skills. In the first part, people become aware of current skills. In the second part, the 8 Future Work Skills are presented one by one through puzzles and assignments.

The player is aware of the new skills and will think further about it.

wanna play?