online moordspel om bewustwording aan te wakkeren rondom datagedreven werken

The problem

Many organisations want and need to work with data. Carefully, better and smarter. This is not limited to advanced hardware and modern software. The user, the manager and the employee play a major role. They have to work in a different way. Data Driven Work. What exactly is that? Which behaviour should be changed?


There’s been a murder. On the Erasmus Bridge. No trace of the culprit. No weapon, no witnesses, no suspects.

The Bridge is an online murder game in Virtual Reality. Solve the murder in an hour. Data, information, sharing, collaboration, combination and analysis. Does your team find the right culprit?

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online murder game in
virtual reality


Suitable for all layers in the organisation. Four players per game. Each from his own attic or from the kitchen table. Logged in online with each other in a meeting and start working on a shared murder board. Investigate the crime scene with your own VR glasses.

The timing

If your company is serious about data, The Bridge is definitely recommended. If you are at the start of a data program or project, it’s a nice awareness appetizer. Or do you have a learning program for management and employees about data, then this is the best opening module.

Solve a violent murder together. Very beneficial as team building.

The hunt is on!

THE result

The Bridge game contains 7 learning objectives related to Data Driven Working. Awareness is created with regard to these learning objectives. An original stepping stone to a data project or learning program.

Educational, exciting and fun! Or just a fun game for people who are at home and want to work together in a fun way.

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