strategic board game to discover
mobility 2030

The problem

Over the next decade, the way we live, work and move will undergo a disruptive change. Mobility will be fundamentally different from multiple perspectives. Electric driving, car-sharing, self-driving cars are just a few of the developments.

How does your company deal with this? What does this mean for your strategy and business proposition?


The Perfect Storm is a strategic board game about the great transformation in mobility. In a playful way you will discover the spearheads of this transformation. We call it ESCAPE: Electric, Connected, Shared, Autonomous, Personalised, Exponential models. They all come together in one big mutually reinforcing hurricane: The Perfect Storm.

How can you best position your company?

Imagine mobility 2030...
now think harder

The people

Without a doubt a fun team building game with important content. Management, board members, innovation teams, strategic departments. Anyone who is involved with the future of mobility. But just as well suited for all employees. It’s their future too. Physical board game in a room with 8 to 12 players per game. Super educational: 35 strategic developments in Mobility. No particular entry level required.

The timing

We are in the first year of the next decade. So thinking about The Perfect Storm's impact is literally: now! Are you on the eve of a strategic exercise, or do you want to verify your already devised strategy with The Perfect Storm? Everything is possible. Together in half day, be ”on the same page". What would be a nice location to play The Perfect Storm?

on a ship....of course!

THE result

Connected in half a day. The same conceptual framework. Shared sense of necessity. And a first image of the new strategic direction, on a large radar screen with 7 strategic spearheads. After all, the existential question is on the table: to disrupt or to be disrupted?

wanna play?