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Digital Transformation

The exponential power of digitisation has a huge impact on our society. Also in a business context and with regards to your company or organisation. Threats are lurking, but there are also great opportunities. Digital Transformation. What is it exactly? Where will be the impact on your company? What should you do (differently)?

Future Works Skills

What will the work look like for employees in five years? Increasing digitisation, robotisation, Artificial Intelligence. Which skills will play a greater role? The topic of "Future Work Skills" is on the agenda in many companies and governments. How do you get the employees, especially the group in question, connected to this particular topic? And connected to their own future?

Disruption in mobility

Over the next decade, the way we live, work and move will undergo a disruptive change. Mobility is currently reinventing itself. Electric driving, car-sharing, self-driving cars are just a few developments. How does your mobility-related company deal with this?

Data driven work

Many organisations want and need to work with data. Carefully, better, smarter. This is not limited to advanced hardware and modern software. The user, the manager and the employee play a major role. They have to work in a different way. Data Driven Work. What exactly is that? Which behaviour should be changed?

top advisory

The consultant of tomorrow must bring more than knowledge and expertise. Radical technological and social developments have a major impact on the role and added value of the consultant. The advisor must become a Master Advisor. How can he / she achieve this in an effective and fun way?

back to the office

Corona 2020/2021. People work at home. Digital meetings. Disassociation from the office. There is a good chance of another invisible virus: "disconnection". How do we get everyone connected again? Slowly back to the workplace. How can we have employees reconnecting with our company in a fun way?


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